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Trekking Sacred Waterfall Panku

Valores de Cascada Sagrada Panku

PANKU” which in WIWA indigenous language translates “GUARDIAN”, is the ancestral name to Cerro Kennedy, a mountain located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta foothills, its highest point has an altitude of 3.100 meters above sea level it’s covered by a fog forest in which is home to hundreds of endemic and migratory birds, in the same way small slope are formed until getting point to get together, and in a fall of more than 50 meters a beautiful waterfall called PANKU is formed.

Throughout this travel in the middle of mountain, get an excellent view unto the two snowy peaks Bolivar and Colón, and whole the mountain system that make up the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, also it can see a lot of endemic bird’s species which are founded in the sub-Andine mountain forest of this area.

This natural adventure starts in the Santa Marta city, at Columbian North, riding in a vehicle 4×4 type camper, passing by the Minca population, crossing a uncovered road until La Tagua village, it located to 1.650 meters above sea level, afterwards a trek up through the mountain until Santa Elena estate, located to 2.200 meters above sea level, throughout this travel it gets stunning views of green and magic mountains, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Departure time, first day:

Return time: second day:

Day 1

  • Departure from your hotel in the Santa Marta city, taking the road until village of Minca, village quaint located to 40 minutes since Santa Marta city, it 650 meters above sea level.
  • Visit to Hacienda Cafetera La Victoria, where you will know the coffee organic process.
  • Once finished the tour Hacienda Cafetera La Victoria, be continue the travel in our vehicle type camper along a rough and uncrowded road to estate La Maria, in La Tagua path, where the travel in vehicle is finished.
  • Once everybody has been landed and be ready, it starts a trek of 3 kilometers until the Santa Elena estate (THIS TREK TAKES 2 HOURS, DIFFICULTY LEVEL: MEDIUM)
  • Arrive to Santa Elena estate, settled down, welcome snack, typical Colombian lunch, travel by the surroundings, and view to sunset over the mountains, the Cienaga Grande and Caribe Sea, dinner and night.

Day 2

  • You must wake up very early to watch the sunrise of the sun in the Sierra Nevada and watch the snowy peaks while you delight a cup of organic coffee from the Sierra Nevada.
  • Traditional breakfast
  • 07:00 am starts the trek on the rise by paths that communicate to Santa Elena estate with neighbor estates which lead to the waterfall sacred PANKU, where we will enjoy a refreshing bath, take photos (trek of 2.8 kilometers by travel).
  • Return to Santa Marta city.
  • Lodging by one night at Santa Elena estate in multiple room.
  • Transportation in wagon 4×4 type camper
  • Coffee tours in estate coffee maker La Victoria
  • Feeding: (2 lunch, 1 dinner, 1 breakfast)
  • Fruits
  • Welcome snack
  • Unlimited hot drinks (Tea and coffee)
  • Trekking to Panku waterfall
  • Local guide
  • Travel insurance

 What No includes

  • Additional lodging by night
  • Bilingual guide
  • Unspecified expenses
  • Water bottle
  • Horses rent

Scheduled Departures at the best prices

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12 A 15 PAX  $         357.200

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Payment Policy

A deposit per person equivalent to 5% of the total value of the tour is required, which must be paid in advance to confirm the reservation.

The total price of the tour must be paid the day before, just before leaving, at the office of Wimake Tour Colombia.

Cancellation and right of withdrawal

Confirmed reservations must be canceled or modified at least one day before, during working hours.

Reservations canceled the same day will have a penalty of 20% on the total value of the tour.


Once the reservation process has started, no refund of the 5% equivalent deposit will be made.

  • Do NOT program air flights for the same day of return; if you do it must be programed for night time, due to the itineraries could be modified for environmental conditions and road problems.
  • Important to be in good physical conditions (Trekking to Panku waterfall require physical exigency)
  • This tour is recommended for people that love the nature, hikers, students; children, young and everyone who wants enjoy an experience in Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta.
  • This natural adventure can be performed by all type of people, as long as count on good health.
  • Take care and respect what you find
  • Do NOT forget any object in the mountain
  • Do NOT scream or make strange noises during the trek
  • Do NOT damage or scratch the natural or cultural goods
  • If you have any suggestion related with the food communicate it
  • Make the reservations at least one day before the trip
  • Pay attention to the guide and follow the recommendations
  • Use eco-friendly repellents preferably