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Lost City Trek 5 days

Trekking Lost City with Wiwas and Koguis indigenous guides

Weather humid tropical with an altitude between 900-1200 m. Difficulty level: 4,0 to 5,0

Values of Lost city adventure trek 5 days

Lost city (Teyuna) is a sacred indigenous city and therefore has a special and mystic energy become this place a magnificent to purify the spirit and recharge clean vital energy that help us to renovate our being through an adventure tour, and by the hands our indigenous guides, you can enjoy this magical place in an expedition whose duration can be of 4, 5 or 6 days depend on your choice and the difficulty of the walk.

During the travel that will carry to lost city, you can appreciate the riches in Fauna and Flora that has The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and thanks to extensive knowledge from our indigenous guides who preserve your traditions and are carriers of millennial knowledge you can will be able to watch and value the nature and environment in a different way.

Ciudad perdida is knowed, in language indigenous like Teyuna o Tehizuna and have a big spiritual importance for towns and communities of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.


Start from oldest city of Colombia, Santa Marta at 8:30 am in a vehicle acclimatized type van, to sector called La Aguacatera, here we will do transshipment to a vehicle 4×4 type camper which will drive us to sector called Mamey (Machete Pelao), in this place we will take the lunch. Later of take lunch, we start a hike of 7,6km to first camp (Adan’s cottage, peasant community) where we will spend the night. Also we’ll do a stop in a river of crystalline waters to take a shower.

For some people, the hike last 3 hours, for another 5 hours, it all depends on your physical conditions. In the evening, the indigenous guide talks about the history and customs of him community and region.


We’ll start a hike of approximately 7,3 Km from the camp to indigenous community Muteyzhi. This travel last from 3 to 5 hours. In Muteyzhi we have the opportunity of interact with another indigenous besides the guides and one hour later we arrive to camp 2 (Cottage Mumake, indigenous community) where, among other activities, we’ll enjoy of river. In the evening, the indigenous guide talks about the history and traditions of him community.



After breakfast we’ll do a hike of 7,2 Km to arrive camp 3 (cottage Paraiso Teyuna, indigenous community). We’ll be around feet of Teizhuna, the sacred city from Tayronas. In this travel we’ll watch a lot of part of Fauna and Flora of our Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. In the afternoon hours, we can be relaxed a take a bath in the river. In the evening, the indigenous guides talk to you about Ciudad Perdida and its sacred meaning for Sierra’s Indigenous.


After having breakfast we’ll depart at 7:00 am to Ciudad Perdida. In order to reach the Sacred City we’ll climb by 1200 steps building by old Tayronas. After approximately one hour we arrive to the city and we’ll do a tour by the different sacred sites. Here, the Mamo (Spiritual Indigenous Leader) tells us sacred histories and give us advice for life. At 11:00 we back to the camp 3 for take lunch. After take lunch we’ll start off the descent to cottage Wiwa, which near the camp 2 (Mumake) where spend the night.


In the morning hours, we’ll depart to Mamey path (Machete pelao) where we take lunch, then a vehicle type 4×4 pick up us and it will carry us to Aguacatera sector, here we take a van acclimated whose take us back to Santa Marta.

Before to land to Machete pelao we will visit a little natural waterfall to refresh and take a bath. Arrive to Santa Marta approximately at 4:00 pm.

  • Visit the Ciudad Perdida (Lost City)
  • All the foods (Lunches 4 + Dinner 4 + Breakfast 4)
  • Lodging in hammocks or beds
  • Activities mentioned
  • Fruits and water for the road
  • Entrance to the archaeological park
  • Contribution to indigenous and peasant communities
  • Transportation: Santa Marta – Machete Pelado – Santa Marta.
  • Indigenous local guide Kogui.

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Payment Policy

A deposit per person equivalent to 5% of the total value of the tour is required, which must be paid in advance to confirm the reservation.


The total price of the tour must be paid the day before, just before leaving, at the office of Wimake Tour Colombia.


Cancellation and right of withdrawal

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A little backpack

We recommend a backpack with maximum capacity of 30 liters, it has a good support for your back and it is waterproof, due to cross us by humid areas and on occasion while we cross the river can get wet it.

Four pair of socks

To avoid blisters and discomfort in the feet we recommend you carry various pairs of socks.  It is important keep dry the feet, we recommend use wool or cotton socks which protect of friction produced by the prolonged hikes.


For the tour we’ll found rivers and majestic waterfalls that invite to take a bath in its pure and crystalline waters, therefore nothing more comfortable that carry with you a good swimwear and enjoy the travel to fullness.

Ligth towel

Into our luggage is recommended carry a medium towel to dry us after to enjoy a well-deserved bath in some of rivers that we’ll find our way, the ideal is a microfiber towel of fast dry or cotton.

Slim pants or shorts to walk

It is important you walk with comfortable pants or shorts, of slim material and in possible of fast dry due to is possible it gets wet or if rain.

Footwear suitable for walking

Shoes are whitout a doubt an important item when we start our adventure to Lost city, we recommend you carry footwear of 2 types: snikers to walk and flips flops to cross the rivers and enjoy rest in the lodging, for tour to Lost city.

Solar protection

(Sunblock and hat) During the hikes to Lost city there are places where we do not count with the protection of trees of the sunlight therefore is recommended use sunblock for the tour to Lost city.


In the camps of tour toLost city there is not electric energy, therefore when the sunlight finish to the sunset a flashlight will be useful to move around environment.

Insects repellent

Lost city I located into a jungle and tropical area therefore is normal find with insects and mosquites , for your comfortable we recommend use repellent products, the most popular repellent brand and which have displayed more effectiveness  in the hike to Lost city is Nopikex

Water bottle

First day you must carry a water bottle or container with minimum capacity of one (1) liter of water, for the tour to Lost city the guide will be in charge of supply you water you need, it is important be hydrous  during trek.

Articles of daily use

Do not forget packing your cleaning tools, brush teeth, dental cream, soap (preferably natural origen), toilet paper and other items you consider indispensable to travel.


In case you have a special medical situation or you are in a medical treatment is indispensable that you carry your medicaments to travel in a sure place and easy access, communicate with our offices if you have any allergies to provide you a quality services.